Postcard from the Edge a Race Track

Well here we are with yet another postcard from the edge. This week, it is the story of international jet-settyness at the Formula 1 Hockenheim race (Hockenheim being about 10 miles away from where I live). In my new job, wangling seats and pit tours was not too difficult, and soon found myself in the exclusive “Paddock Club”, with free massages, haircuts, food, drink, earplugs (very necessary) and commemorative salt and pepper mills (these were not technically free, but ended up in my bag somehow). TagHeuer also had a stand but the free-bees did not include their watches much to my disappointment.


Trying to photograph the cars in a non-stationary situation proved all but impossible, the speeds of the car and the slowness of my camera means I have 34 wonderful pictures of tarmac, occasionally peppered with an exhaust pipe, hence the rather boring pictures below.

Hope all is well and if you want out of the postcards just drop me a line,
Take care,

(c) Ian Kimbell - All rights reserved

(c) Ian Kimbell - All rights reserved

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