Postcard from the Edge of a Custard

When auditions were posted for “The Clumsy Custard Horror Show” I knew after a long absence from the stage, it was inevitable I would be back to tread the boards.

The play itself is a children’s show and not too taxing on the intellect – the typical fairy tale plot – Princess Prince has to marry on her 18th birthday and forces of evil are trying to woo her by fair and, when that doesn’t work, by foul means. Enter our hero, masquerading as an itinerant raisin washer and, with his trusty sidekick, battle the forces of evil and… well I am not going to give the end away am I?

However, as always in amateur theatre productions, back stage intrigues and sub-plots eclipse the actual production. Our hero is cast opposite his real life ex-girl friend. This wouldn’t be so bad, if it were not for the fact that his current girl friend (and sister of his ex) also has a role in the production. Urgent, whispered conversations and daggered glances are prevalent behind the dark curtains backstage.

My role is that of the trusty sidekick Worfle, a blue furry monster with 3 horns (typecast or what?). Make-up proved bit of a challenge, as did the costume, which thanks to the dedicated (and sometimes scary) sewing crew and a lethal hot-glue-gun was ready minutes before the curtain went up.

As in any fairy tale though, it works out well – a superb director and a great cast and crew made for a really successful production, where (almost) everyone ended up living happily ever after.

For more information about the show and cast pictures or scene pictures, check out The Roadside Theater Web page

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