Postcard from the Edge of Civilization

well here is a quick postcard from the edge of civilization. Following on from a trip to Sydney, stopped off in Bangkok for a couple of days.


Arriving in Bangkok at 2 am, we took a taxi to Khao San Road – the backpackers centre my guide suggested. We found a “luxury room ($5)” in hotel at about 3 am. The hotel was in a street, which even at that time, was bustling with life – most of it human. Sunrise (an hour later) revealed the most amazing city – sights, smells and smog like you would not believe.

First and most importantly, shopping. The first stop – the tattoo and fake id shop was the first stop – one henna happy dragon tattoo (now christened Boris), student ID card and a international press ID card later we were off clothes shopping. This resulted in 5 new Calvin Klein shirts for £3 each and after a hot day shopping, what better way to wind down with a Thai massage – “with herbs”. That meant after the massage you were doused with a hot, bright yellow sponge soaked in stinky herbs. We emerged from the temple looking like large, although rather relaxed, lemons.

Day 2 was culture, temples, temples, temples, boat trips and then more shopping.. this time music, software and DVDs including the new Harry Potter film. DVDs were expensive though at $5 each?! Having seen all the culture we needed for weeks, and drunk and ate late in to the night. The food was excellent, spicy like you would not believe, but a highlight was a yogurt drink to cool off the mouth.

Take care and if you don’t want to receive this type of crap, just let me know.
PS: Update those excellent Calvin Klein shirts after washing will now fit Barbie’s best friend Ken. Stick to pirate software and DVDs they don’t shrink.

(c) Ian Kimbell, All rights reserved

(c) Ian Kimbell, All rights reserved

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