Tree Trimming Agreement Between Neighbors

Dishes give great respect to private real estate lines in the United States Your neighbor should not come into your yard to stumble a tree or bush without your permission. The same is true. If your tree or part of your tree falls on your neighbour`s property and the tree has obvious signs of disease or rot, or if your neighbour has filed a complaint with the city or you about the danger, you may be responsible for any damage. You may be considered negligent because you did not eliminate a known hazard before damage occurred, or because you did not properly control and maintain the trees on your property. If the structure is in the property line, the two owners share the value of the structure and are responsible for the maintenance on their side of the template. No no! Crossing property lines to cut or cut down a tree is not something you or your arborist can do. Neither you nor your arborist can go to a neighbour`s property or destroy the tree. If you go to a neighbour`s property or damage the tree, you can be held responsible for double or triple the value of the tree! If you both own the tree, all decisions made about the tree must be settled between you and your neighbour. If you are unable to find a win-win solution, you must work with a mediator. The branches of a nearby tree can be hung on your property. In this case, you may have questions about your rights regarding the part of the tree on your property.

Below, you`ll find general rules for overhanging tree branches. You should also check the law in your state, county or city to determine if other rules may apply to you. The neighbour owns the tree. As long as the tree trunk is entirely in the neighbour`s yard, it belongs to the neighbor. If you think there is a chance that your neighbour`s tree will fall or pose a threat to your yard, talk to your city government to see what action you can take. Yes? No? Yes and no? It all depends on where you live. He inquires with the city, the city, the county and the county about the regulations concerning trees and land lines. In some areas, you are allowed to cut down parts of a tree that dominates your yard as long as the work does not damage the tree. But why don`t you first ask your neighbour if he or she is bothering him or her if you go ahead and have him committed? In fact, you`ll appreciate it. In most cities, there are regulations that prohibit homeowners from maintaining unsafe conditions on their property.

If you call your community, you can remove the tree or call on your neighbour.

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