Temporary Foster Agreement

This agreement, by and between the Humane Society of Sarasota County (`Shelter`) and the person below (`I`), “my” or “Foster Parent” individually or collectively, stated from the last date below that: And Shelter wants to provide each animal in its care and care with a supportive, healthy and safe environment. Veterinarians carried out the first medical examinations of each animal in temporary care of the shelter and provided each animal with the basic vaccinations and veterinary care required. and – While Shelter has asked qualified persons to take care of the animals in his temporary care, NOW, THEREFORE, for and in light of the reciprocal alliances described below, the parties agree: many pet owners cannot imagine being away from their four-legged limbs for a long time. However, in the COVID 19 era, hospitalization of coronavirus or longer working hours as an emergency aid may limit a pet owner`s ability to support his or her furry friends. If you are unable to care for a pet or are a pet care organization, a pet care contract can help you arrange temporary emergency assistance. If you have legal questions about pet care or other provisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact a lawyer or find other resources in our Coronavirus Legal Centre. I agree to be an adoptive parent to the Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC) and, as such, not to hold the Humane Society of Sarasota County and/or its volunteers, employees or agents responsible or responsible for any accidents, injuries or health problems that I will perform or may perform. I understand and recognize that I do not have the right or authority to keep, adopt, transfer or place nursing animals in other homes or with other people. I agree that any animal I care for must be physically returned to the HSSC on the agreed date. I also agree to immediately return the (s) animal (s) if I am no longer able to ensure an adequate supply. As far as I know, the drugs and other supplies provided by HSSC are intended only for host animals and cannot be administered to animals that are not the property of HSSC. As far as I know, all veterinary care must be approved in advance by HSSC.

I agree to personally pay for any treatment that has not been authorized. I agree to make the necessary information and materials (such as fecal samples or temperature/weight measurements) available to the appropriate HSSC staff at all times in order to improve the care I provide to caregivers. A pet foster agreement helps pet owners and care organizations organize temporary care in times of crisis. In the event that a pet owner is no longer able to provide care and accommodation for their pet, this contract allows them to set up reception plans with a local foster family who can help. This agreement lists the intended caregivers, information on pets and all specific medicines and dietary restrictions necessary to ensure the best possible care. I confirm that no person residing in the home where the animals are promoted has ever been charged or convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment. I agree that HSSC should not be free of the direct or consequential damage resulting from this care agreement. I recognize that HSSC may terminate this or any other care facility at any time at its sole discretion.

Many pet owners cannot imagine being away from their four-legged family members for a long time.

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