Master Education Agreement

The MEA will address practical issues of education between First Nations and Ontario to support student portability between education systems and support student outcomes. The AES will strive to develop coordinated and consistent access for First Nation educators and administrators in reserve schools to thinking opportunities and other support services in the provinces. “The signing of the Master Education Framework Agreement with the province strengthens our relationship with mutual respect,” said Patrick Madahbee, Head of the Grand Council. “This framework agreement complements the education agreements that the Anishinabek Nation negotiated with the federal government. The First Nations of Anishinabek are moving quickly towards creating a clean education system that strengthens the educational opportunities and performance of our students and, ultimately, our communities. These agreements support the establishment of the Anishinabek education system.¬†After the ANEA comes into force, some of the education provisions of the Indian Act will no longer apply to the 23 NFPPs. The decision-making power over education will be in the hands of First Nations under the AES. The Anishinabek National Education Agreement (ANEA) is a self-management agreement between Canada and 23 Anishinabek First Nations that recognizes first nation control over junior kindergarten up to Class 12 of teaching on and off reserve. Nipissing First Nation Chief Scott McLeod says that when this historic agreement is signed, the MEA ensures that nipissing First Nation-students receive additional financial and academic support and resources to succeed in their educational careers. ANEA is the first of its kind in Ontario and, because of the number of First Nations involved, the largest autonomy agreement in Canada.

ANEA supports the Anishinabek Nation`s vision of a quality AES that promotes Anishinaabe culture and language and improves educational outcomes for Anishinabek students. This is a historic education agreement, in which the 23 First Nations and the Ontario government reaffirm their commitment to supporting the well-being and performance of Students in Anishinabek, wherever students attend school. The MEA will also support the implementation of the AES. Georgina Island, Aamjiwnaang, Biitigong Nishnaabeg, Aundeck Omni Kaning, Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishnaabek, Chippewas of Rama, Wahnapitae, Munsee Delaware, Nipissing, Wasauksing and Atikameksheng Anishnawbek have also submitted BCRs to advance training with the Master Education Agreement. Other First Nations must also send their BBCRs. The Framework Agreement on General Non-Training aims to define practical modalities for ongoing cooperation on strategies to promote the success and well-being of Anishinaabe students; Support the transition between First Nations schools and Ontario schools and supporting the Anishinabek education system to provide quality Anishinaabe education programs and services in First Nations schools.

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